K. (via missallaneous)

15 Sep

I know what this is like–an abysmal response to an artfully constructed text message so that all of my comments, ideas, questions can fit into those 160 characters… only to be met with such an unsatisfactory letter carelessly spat out. Did they even read my text? Do they care how hard I tried, how much I want to see them or how important my message is!? -tear-

K. You know what’s not happy? When people reply to a text message like this: Now, admittedly, being concise is not my strongpoint; eventhough poetry training taught me to value brevity. And I do. But I’m kiasu and like to make the most of my 10cents per text, so my text messages are like an everyday poetic endeavour to squish the most meaning I can into the least amount of characters. But it’s just kinda sad when you send an extensive text on the cu … Read More

via missallaneous


One Response to “K. (via missallaneous)”

  1. missallaneous September 16, 2010 at 9:56 pm #

    Thanks for visiting, Jenn 🙂 Love your Jack Kerouac quote below!

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