I know it’s been two weeks…

15 May

So… I have several reasons for not writing here, but there really is no true excuse. I should have been keeping it up. I’m sorry, mostly to the blog itself for neglecting it as I have.

The past few weeks have included some major events, sad, stressful, fun, fantastic:

1. My mother was in the hospital for surgery, which was stressful and scary, but now she’s out, healthy, happy, and in minimal pain. We went to several restaurants and packed a picnic for the beach before the procedure so that we could have some family fun. I was home with minimal internet, making, eating, taking pictures of what I find to be my comfort foods.

2. My sister, who endures a lot at home, came up to visit to release some stress, and we had a marvelous time in San Francisco. We ate at Tangerine for brunch, a wonderful pan-Asian restaurant in the Castro. And of course, we had cupcakes at Kara’s. I want to know the secret behind their buttercream, goddamnit.

3. My partner is going away to the German speaking countries of Europe for the whole summer. He leaves Sunday for Sacramento, which will be the last time I see him until the end of August. I cooked dinner on Thursday for him and two other friends: miso-grilled tuna with savoy cabbage and bacon-wrapped shrimp with avocado, lime, chives and tomato jam.

4. I got a job in a kitchen. That’s right, I make sandwiches on the line at Summer Kitchen on College and Ashby. I am so SO thrilled to be there, building experience and running around a commercial kitchen, trying not to cut and burn myself, serving to-die-for sandwiches and salads, gazing longingly at the beautiful pastries. It is a dream. come. true.

So I’ll base the next few posts off of these events.


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