Blessed Offering

23 Apr

I had a nice chat about sandwiches and employment with the counter help and experienced a life changingly delicious brunch and today at the Musical Offering, a pleasant cafe and record shop right by the university. I surprised myself when I found the courage to ask what’s good on the menu. (Lately, I’ve been in such a way that my words are stripped and my thoughts are blank, in most situation. Half-hearted jokes met with awkward laughter, comments met with painful silences… devastation.) She was more than happy to share her ideas on which of the hot sandwiches would be a good fit for my hunger level and preference for amounts of cheese. It was a difficult decision, but with the resolve that I would return before the menu changed, I chose the Hot Chicken on Focaccia, a hearty meal to set the pace for the rest of the day.

I did a double take and moaned to myself at the free samples of chocolate chip cookie sitting at the counter. The square of cookie melted happily as soon as it hit my tongue. It was delightfully soft with a slightly crispy edge and therefore irresistible. The server smiled at my reaction and told me they had just come out of the oven. I pointed to the cookie jar with a grin, without a word, and tipped her generously.

Normally I would object to small chocolate chips, but it made for an even distribution of a lot of chocolate in each bite.

The tea… oh the tea. A jasmine green served in a plain glass tea cup– gorgeous! The cup was fragrant, deeply soothing, and nostalgic. It was the same scent that floats through my window on a breezy summer day. I’m not exaggerating for the sake of sellable prose either. The pot of tea was just that pleasant, down to the very last, very bitter drop.

The meal was so balanced and spot on, especially when it came to texture (huge selling point). There was just the right amount of slightly chewy melted provolone, perfectly seasoned and cooked chicken breast, warm tomatoes softened by heat, and a garlic aioli that brought it all together. The focaccia was phenomenal all on its own. It was crispy yet soft, herb studded, and toasted in such a way that made me ooh. Taste, check. Temperature, check. Texture, triple check. Simple, comforting, with a touch of elegance: this was my kind of meal.

The description alone will be enough to recreate the sandwich, though the whole experience is something I would go back to the cafe for again and again. Classical music, good service, delicious menu items. It all made for lifted spirits and a wonderful day.


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